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Flopped y12 / ucas / medicine

I just completed my end of year exams for year 12, that will strongly influence our UCAS predicitions. I do Bio,chem,socio. I've had a really bad year in terms of mental health and my grades. I've not been productive at all. I treated it like GCSEs. My issue is I'm really undisciplined, I recognise that but I also get really bad peaks where I cannot concentrate or bring myself to do things. However I know these all sound like excuses but I really am motivated to change and do better. I got really bad in my chem and bio, my tutor told me yesterday. I didn't know how to organise my work and study this year and I honestly didn't think it'd be this hard. I understand the content but my exam skills are so bad which means I just have to practice alot. I recognise that I haven't put in the work required of an A level student,and I aim to change that and I know it will require alot of work this summer. However I am so conflicted on what my next course of action will be .... Do I apply for another course for UCAS this year as I know my grades won't be eligible for medicine and apply for medicine at the end of y13 or apply now and get rejected lol i just i really don't know what to do and how to make a comeback from this
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Neither, take a gap year and achieve good grades in year 13 and ace the exams.
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Original post by Honey57
Neither, take a gap year and achieve good grades in year 13 and ace the exams.

Wait so you recommend I don't apply at all this year?
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Thanks, so just to confirm you think I should skip the application process for this year and apply when I achieve my year 13 grades during my gap year?

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