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I'm writing in the hopes to acquire some advice regarding potentially taking up a Building surveyors degree. I currently work full time as a builder on domestic sites, as I have done for 8 years now, with 2 of said years, being in Germany.

I'm very keen, and interested in studying to become a building surveyor, and would greatly appreciate any advice or contacts that anyone has to offer, in regards to the possibility of studying part time/ online, around my full time job!

I'm hard working, and ambitious, and would jump at the opportunity to elevate my profile, and work towards a career as a building surveyor, although admittedly, thus far, I have little information on how best to approach this, while baring a consideration for my need to continue full time work!

To my current understanding, a degree in construction I.e. Surveying, engineering etc... is required to pursue a career as a building surveyor, as well as additional studies, to become a chartered surveyor.

Is it possible to balance these studies, around full time self employment? Do you offer part time/ online courses for such degree? Am I eligible for student loans/ funding to cover my would be tuition etc?

Also, having finished my A levels almost 10 years ago now. Are my A levels/UCAS points, no longer applicable for a placement for a degree level course?

I fully welcome and appreciate absolutely any advice whatsoever, regardless of how small, and it would be great to hear from indiduals either in the same position, or who have personally achieved entry for a degree, in similar circumstances.

Ultimately, attempting to pursue a degree level education in any circumstances can be quite daunting, but even more so when you haven't a clue where to even start 😅 Please help! I'd be eternally grateful to anyone who can assist me in the right direction, and help me with developing a structured plan, on how to achieve my goal, of pursuing a career as a building surveyor!

Thank you so much for reading, and I'll look forward to hearing from you.

Robbie Burtt
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(Real Estate course leader at Birmingham City here)

You'll find that lots of places offer part time degrees that can lead to chartered surveyor. Our particular version runs over 5 years and on day release - so you come in for one day a week for the 24 weeks of teaching time. I'm sure everyone will tell you that they're employment focussed and yes I think any university providing an RICS accredited degree will have good employer links and good employability.

The typical pattern is basically: degree + 2 years post degree experience + final interview = chartered surveyor (A bit more involved than that but that's the overview)
On the part time route you can start recording your 2 years of experience after three years so you can potentially get to being assessed for chartered status shortly after completing the degree (this would be dependent on the work you were able to do during that final two years)

You would count as a mature student and with your experience that does give more flexibility around entry requirements. For us the typical requirement is 112 points which I think is BBC, but that can be looked into in your sort of situation.

I'd suggest having a search around the RICS for details on the APC (assessment of professional competence) as that will give you more detail on how you go through the process.

If you're within reach of Birmingham we have an open day on Sat 25th (a quick google will find details).

I try to be objective on here, I think we have a very good offering that could do exactly what you need, but other universities could do as well, I think it's best to talk to several as there will be slightly different approaches and maybe location might be an important consideration.

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