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What is the best insurance provider?

I'm a learner driver at the moment and I am looking into getting blackbox insurance when I pass. Any ideas which insurance provider to go with that is the cheapest?
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The best insurers are NFU, LV, Saga, Direct Line (For Saga you have to be over 50 years) They are straight forward to deal with get good customer service ratings (you find out how good your insurer is in a crash and in day to day contact) NFU won't charge for mid term policy change but are ridiculously expensive for young/inexperienced drivers.

Be very careful with Black Box insurance - they are all very quick to install it but the costs of removing it if you want to change insurer at the end of 12 months can wipe out any savings on premium costs.

You could also unwittingly put your insurance premiums up if your driving is so bad, or if you need to drive to work for night shifts the insurer could penalise you.

The cheapest insurance is a difficult one - it is just extortionately cost prohibitive these days, so much has been swallowed up into an ever more expensive industry collaborative sales, crash and repair market. New cars are just like new computers and the slightest knock or bang causes thousands of pounds worth of damage.

If you think you can go a whole year without contact with your insurer just to get your first year No Claims Bonus (NCB) or without a crash go for the cheapest insurer you can find without a black box. In between drive like Grandma or as if your life depended on it (as you should anyway)

Cancellation fees: Look at the small print. Some charge £50+ if you end your insurance early or just to swap to another supplier.

Admin Fees: Some companies charge £40+ if you ring to ask a question and your mobile phone number has changed or needs updating, or you change address, job etc etc

In between:
Get the cheapest nastiest uncool, undesirable car possible.
Add an older named driver with a good history (up to 2)
Go for a higher voluntary excess
If your mileage is low look at insurance companies that insure by the amount of mileage you do - or by the day etc

(There is the Pass Plus after test - and despite its reviews any extra training is always a bonus, but the cost of the course is unlikely to be recouped in the costs of lower insurance premium. Rospa / IAM roadsmart are worth a look too to try and keep you crash safe)
General Accident (blackbox)

My device was a self-installed that I plugged into my OBD port so there was no cost there. You get scored out of 100 on each journey. If you get below 50 3x in 30 days, your policy will get cancelled, although its very hard to get below 50.

I drive during peak hours on 30min-2hour journeys and get consistent 80+.

You can drive like 8-9 over the speed limit without really affecting your score. But if you drive a certain amount over the speed limit I think they can just cancel on the spot. I think it might be 15mph. Not too sure.

Was the cheapest option for me (18m) but was £2566.
Original post by fiannabs
I'm a learner driver at the moment and I am looking into getting blackbox insurance when I pass. Any ideas which insurance provider to go with that is the cheapest?

Different people will have different experiences with different insurers. Different people will find different insurers the cheapest. Best to get some quotes to see which works best for you.
And a word of advice...avoid black boxes like the plague.

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