Warning: University of Edinburgh Business School. Review by alumni.

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I'm an alumna and I'll make it quick. For the sake of anybody who consider studying here.

Teaching Quality = 2/5

Teachers here are quite low profile. Low-grade teachers. Poor academic skills. No meaningful research publications. Some are fresh graduates who don't have any idea about the course they're teaching, but spend most time praising their own dissertation over and over. The examination marking is not of any standard. On one occasion, a couple of Chinese students who literally copied and rephrased their assignments got shockingly different marks - 54% vs. 61%. A couple of lecturers are very awkward in front of the classes.
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Reputation = 2/5
Most of us come here because of the University has always bragging about their ranking. This is not the case in business education. People in the UK know Edinburgh University Business School sucks. A few of us who graduated masters here with very high mark, even distinction was surprised their Ph.D. applications were rejected by those "lower ranked" universities such as Reading, Kent, Essex, Queen Mary London, etc. The only place that accepts students with Edinburgh's masters degree, you can guess, is Edinburgh itself. And it is these people who teach at the University of Edinburgh Business School. No wonder why they've got the Teaching Quality = 2/5, right?

Student services = 4/5
Well, poor education was compensated by 4-star services here. They pleased students quite well, I give them that. Receptionists and supporting staff are quite nice.

Diversity = 1/5
Mainly Chinese-speaking. You can get to know more variety of foreign students by studying in international programs in China.

Environment = 3/5

Business School surrounding is not castle-like what they show in the presentation photos. I think Shanghai or Tokyo is much nicer. That's just my opinion.

Accommodation = 2/5
Rat hole but expensive. Noisy.

Summary = 2/5
This place is worth 1-2 day visit but not studying for a whole year. You don't really get any knowledge better than you'd get from a fine university in China or London (I feel it's a waste of time. The lecturers here have poorer education qualification than my UG teachers). From what I heard, even the University of Reading is far more better.

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