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Disability support at University of Bristol, Edinburgh and Durham

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Usually I comment on threads like this but I took a break from tsr so apologies for being so late. Durham disability support is pretty brilliant for physical conditions (things get a bit more complicated with mental health).

To summarise Durham disability advisors take on board your DSA recommendations (if you have applied) and compile them plus anything you feel is relevant into what's called a DSN. This is a document pretty much summarising what reasonable adjustments you need and gets distributed to staff in contact with you. Makes it a lot easier to access support, keeps everyone on the same page etc.

The bonuses too of Durham being a collegiate uni is that every college has a dedicated student support team so often if you need a chat you can schedule it in super quickly since there's what 17 college support teams rather than everyone trying to access main disability support services.

Also to add if you're an applicant, you can email the disability support email address on the Durham website and schedule a call with them and they'll explain all this in detail plus anything I've missed (I don't have hearing loss so may be something I have overlooked!). I've met with majority of them in one form or another and you'll be in good hands

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