PhD Diversity & Sustainable Thinking - 10 minute Questionnaire

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Hello, I'm currently undertaking a PhD and would be so grateful if you could please fill out my questionnaire 10 minutes max.

A little bit about my study below.

An Investigation into the Impact of Diversity on Sustainable Design Outcomes within UK Higher Education.

With the world facing unprecedented sustainability-related issues, a global problem requires a societal response, yet the design industry does not reflect society, so what impact is having?

There is a lack of ethnic diversity and gender diversity across the design industry, particularly within subsets of design, notably industrial design which is reported by the Design Council to be 95% male. However, very little is known about other protected characteristics and in particular socio-economic background, and subsequently what impact this has, specifically, how different people think about sustainability and what this means for societal response to the sustainability crisis.

The objective of this first study is to explore if there is any correlation between the 9 diverse characteristics set out in the UK 2010 equality act including indications of socio-economic background with perceptions of sustainability, including the importance of Sustainable Development Goals and sustainable attitudes, behaviours and knowledge.

To do this, the questionnaire requires as many responses from as many different current undergraduate designers and creative artists studying in UK University Design and Art Schools as possible to help drive this vision for a more equitable sustainable design future.

Please complete or pass this questionnaire to anyone who might fill it in.

Your help is enormously appreciated.


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