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A-level Business Paper 1 predictions 2022

Hi, any predictions for Edexcel A-level Business paper 1 or any other paper??
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paper 1 structure:

15 x 1 markers (some simple and some calculations)
2 x 4 markers (always calculations payable/receivable days always comes up could be any financial ratios though)
3 x 9 markers (could relate to the 4 markers asking you to add onto them and analyses but are normally about different factors like just in time production or management structures )
2 x 25 markers (could be models or factors always get a choice of 2 of them)

25 markers: could be anything however from my experience in past papers 1 of the 25markers is about a model of some (triple bottom line, porters 5 forces) kind and the other is a factor (PLC vs LTD or strategic change from cost leadership to differentiation) with a small link to context if its a case study question. i recommend learning the command words, could be do you agree with a statement or analyses this statement - important when it comes to your conclusion.

what I'm doing is all practice papers i can find and learning them making sure to only do the ones i would struggle with first and then i guess if you do enough you have a high chance of it coming up again.
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this isnt for edexcel right?
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sorry i missread your question no this is for AQA my bad
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Do we think 442 ethics will come up

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