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S6 subject choices


I'm a current 5th year student who is keen to applying for medicine this October.

I have finished my exams and was told that there might be a small issue with my timetable and I might not get all my choices.

In 5th year I have sat:

H Bio
H Chem
H English
H History
H Maths

I had chosen to do AH bio, chem and history next year along with this university skills course run by our school which has no exam but will help us learn some useful skills such as referencing, reading and understanding academic writing etc.

However today after my H history exam my teacher told me that I haven't quite made it to the list for AH history but the teacher in charge of course choice will speak to me and will hopefully get me back in.

This is the first year that our school is running AH history and if we wanted to choose it before this, we would have to go to a different a school (city campus course)

I will see the teacher back on Monday to discuss my options but I really want to study history at my school, especially since I don't have to travel and I also love the topic that we're doing at school (Russia).

I'm not sure what's going to happen on my Monday but I'm bracing for the worst and just thinking ahead for a few possibilities if I don't get my choices.

I'm pretty sure my teacher will suggest that I take the city campus option but I really don't want to do that.

I'm willing to drop the uni skills course and pick up another higher and sit 4 exams. I chose the uni course for that reason so I don't have to sit sm exams.

If not, I'm willing to drop bio and replace it with English.

Ik bio & chem are considered the standard AH's for medicine but I really really enjoy history and I have been doing amazing in it and my teacher has said that I would be perfectly fine and will fly through AH history.

I have read through university website and none of them have any specific requirements for 6th year other than having at least 3 reasonable subjects and getting 3 B's. I have also attended countless events run by Universities and all of them have said the same: it doesn't matter what the subjects are as long as the grades are met.

I have read that advanced H Chem is preferred but not at all necessary. I'm honestly willing to drop biology because I mainly picked because I considered it useful for medicine, I really hated biology this year, it was incredibly boring and dull and was quite a roller coaster and the AH course doesn't look the more appealing anyways.

My plan is:

AH chem
AH history
AH English
University skills choice

Or drop university skills and pick up another higher, modern studies and have my initial AH choices of bio chem & history

Does this sound reasonable enough because I really really want to do AH history but sadly the odds aren't in my favour, and I'm not even sure if I'll enjoy AH bio that much anyway.. I had quite a roller coaster this year..

Or would anyone recommend that I swap out chem instead of biology?

Anyone willing to give a run down for what AH bio, chem & English are like?

I enjoyed chemistry this year and had done really well despite the exam being a little harder than I anticipated.

I really want to do AH history and the course sounds amazing but I also understand that history isn't required at all for medicine but I feel there's no point dropping history and doing just sciences and if I won't enjoy them... I picked history knowing that I'll 100% have something I will absolutely enjoy.. And I know I can really really good grades.


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