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mark scheme biology 2022 gcse combined science higher paper 1

does anyone know if an unofficial mark scheme has been created for this paper?
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does anyone know if an unofficial mark scheme has been created for this paper?

are you AQA? cos if so this is the mark scheme:

Question One: Cells (?)

1.1 Table:
| Nucleus Function: Contains Genetic Information
| Mitochondria: Site of Aerobic Respiration
| Cell Membrane: Controls what goes in and out of cells
1.2 Function of chloroplasts? - Site of photosynthesis
1.3 Name a potato cell that does not contain chloroplasts? - Root hair cell
1.7 Straight or Curved? [Range seems to be about 0.30-0.40?]

Question Two


Question Seven: HIV

7.1 How is HIV transmitted?
7.2 Describe the trend of the data from 2010-2018
7.3 Why has the number of cases dropped? - More awareness/More contraception?
7.4 How do vaccines for HIV work?
7.5 Producing monoclonal antibodies!
7.6 How do monoclonal antibodies work to stop HIV from developing AIDS?

Misc (Unknown Number): Which disease is a fungus? - Rose Black Spot
What would you use for testing proteins? - Biuret Reagent
Difference between translocation and transpiration?
Hazards for the onion cell practical?
Six Marker: Meat-free burgers vs Burgers
Four Marker: Mitosis creating identical daughter cells
Six Marker: Damaged Tree Roots
Four Marker: How are alveoli and villi adapted to their use?
Six Marker: Why have moth hornets adapted to look like hornets?
Two Marker: What two differences does an image produced by an electron microscope have compared to one with a light microscope?
Two Marker: Diagram of onion cells - two ways how a student could improve it?
Calculation of Missing SA: Volume Ratio - X:1
Describe the trend between the size of the organism and the ratio
Why do some larger organisms need a higher metabolic rate, compared to an organism with a lower ratio?
Four Marker: Explain why the width of stomata of the plant in normal conditions helps the plant?
Two Marker: Describe the stomata width of plant in low CO2 concentration
Organism D has a higher metabolic rate than organism E, use data from the table and your own knowledge to explain why;
Misc (Unclear): Hornet Question, HIV Question, Plant Question

Underwhelmed Comments: Food tests were only one mark.
Does anyone know if an unofficial mark scheme has been created for combined science biology for edexcel

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