Mother talk behind my back and call me the devil

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So as the title has stated my mother has the habit of talking badly behind my back with my older brother. Some names she calls me are devil, stupid and a failure . She also implies that I will never get married because I am lazy and no man wants a woman who isn’t constantly cleaning after them. She also talks badly about my brother and everyone in the family with me which annoys me because I can’t say anything to her since I’m living in her house. I’m honestly planning on seeking a therapist after moving out. Any advice in dealing with this situation would be appreciated.
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You have a clear and open sighted view of the dynamics of your family. Your Mum has entrenched views of what a woman's status and expectation is within life and within a marriage. Hence if you don't agree she tries to undermine your self confidence. You don't have to be or to live like this, you have a choice. You are at the forefront of breaking down the barriers imposed on you by others, not only for yourself but others too. Your societal norms are that you should submit to the family expectations and male orientated control?

You have the opportunities to aim high and achieve your own personal aspirations, and marriage may or may not be part of that. That is your choice. It is difficult to avoid family members. View them as controlling and understand their behaviours trying to get you to conform and to understand what they will do to try and achieve this. You don't have to put up with unhappy living arrangements, or verbal abuse but it would be helpful for you to know what direction you want your life to take.

If you can move out and have some time and space it could help you to understand where you want to be in five or ten years time.

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