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Go undercover with music from detective games (Gameplay with Baby Queen)

I worry that Tex Murphy might be too old to get a shout out, but that's definitely the franchise that springs to my mind first:

Feel free to post your thoughts on this episode after it airs, or your own favourite tracks from detective games!
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The Tesla Effect OST has its moments, too:

Listening to this now; as I expected, no Tex Murphy in the playlist, but plenty of other titles I've heard good things about!
The Return of the Obra Dinn - The Calling (Grand Cover): A visually striking game, nice to know the music is great too.

L.A. Noire - Main Theme: That's more the soundtrack I'd expect from a detective game! Very noire.

Paradise Killer - The Sarcophagus: Dramatic.

Thimbleweed Park - Trailer Variations: Nice. Interested in playing this at some point.

The Darkside Detective - 6-66 St: Mysterious.

Sherlock Holmes - Heart of the Island: Pleasant enough.

The Great Ace Attorney - Curtain Call Suite: The Great Ace Attorney Continues: Never played any titles from the Ace Attorney franchise. Tried watching the anime, but it looked awful. :colondollar: Decent track.

Professor Layton And The Curious Village - Professor Layton's Theme: :ditto: Preferred this track to the AA one, though.

The Haunted Island: A Frog Detective Game - A Ribbeting Mystery: I own this one! Didn't expect it to have the best track of the episode (so far), definitely bumps it a few places up my gaming backlog.

Backbone(?) - ????? - This one wasn't in the playlist. :rolleyes: I'm guessing it's from Backbone, since Baby Queen mentioned there was music from that coming up. Lovely sound, whatever it was.

Grim Fandango - Lamancha Sub: Crushed: Think I own this, somewhere! I've definitely watched a playthrough on Youtube, but long enough ago that I don't remember any of the solutions. Brilliant soundtrack.

Gemini Rue - Emergency Shutdown: Superb.

Hypnospace Outlaw - Colder than the Rest (Fre3zer): VERY different. Not quite to my tastes, though.

Overall, a good episode, and more varied than than the jazz noir I associate with the genre. But how could you leave out Tex Murphy? :moon:
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