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Should I take A Level English Language ?

Please can anybody tell me how they're finding english lang? I'm considering taking it as a 4th subject in case I want to drop maths in year 13 but I'm not sure if I should. How difficult is it to get an A/A*? From what I know it's nothing like GCSE eng lang but is it dreadfully boring? I'm so torn, any help would be greatly appreciated xx
I heard from others that took a-level lang, that the difficulty for the subject is very subjective, varying from person to person. I never really liked english lang or lit so I didn't take either for a-levels.

I did take a-level maths however, and in my opinion if you did good in GCSE maths, than a-level won't be too difficult for you. Think of GCSE maths as the foundation for a-level, if you were good at solving quadratics, simultaneous equations, just algebra in general, everything in pure maths just ties in with that, so it shouldn't be too hard for u. Also do u like graphs? There's a lot of those, you might have touched on exponential graphs, cubic graphs and trigonometric graphs in GCSE maths. In a-level maths you learn those in more detail, it takes a bit of time to get you head around, but its not too difficult, works just like any other graphs, quadratic or linear, srsly.

As for statistics, think back to GCSEs, when you did probabilities, histograms, cumulative frequency graphs, how were you with that? If you could do those Qs just fine, then stats might still be difficult for u, like how it was for me, but after a few practice Qs it will just click. If you found probabilities and the other stuff listed above a bit difficult in GCSE, it will take a bit more work, but again, not impossible. If you're doing edexcel maths in a-levels, I can vouch for the quality of the textbooks. The textbooks clearly outlines the everything you need to know, with e.g. Qs as well, so even if you miss stuff in class, or don't have the best of teachers, you can get by quite easily just by using the textbooks.

So yh, hope this helps. Will you drop maths or not? Will you pick lang or not? I'd be delighted if you let me know what decision you make in the end.
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