My 'bestfriend'... Bit long but much appreciated tho Watch

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I was gunah put this in general but i think it goes here.

Anyway, got a bestfriend who ive known for 4 years now and shes lovely i guess always been there when i needed her..kinda. But i think shes very 'snobbish' n selfish like i remember once when i was really upset crying to her etc just going to her for advice as you would and she turned round and was like yeahh err just look at my new extensions i was like uhh hello..

Basically she has a tendency for everything to revolve around her and nothing ever matters, ok yeah she helps now n then but when its her i have to put up with her for God knows..

Lately i've been getting sick of it like shes well off well we're kinda on the same level but shes more shallow and i cant stand it like looking down on people cause of this or that its like...

Shes been with her boyfriend now for a year and half and when shes with him like she hardly wants to know me, i confronted her like i havent seen you in a while like whats goin on n shes like ahh im just busy etc so i was like ok fair enough shes had alot going on.

Lately she broke up with her boyf and she was all coming to me for advice wanting to chill with me n now shes back with him i dont exist. I only exist when she wants something or when shes got a problem. This isnt being a bestfriend!

She asked me to come out yday n i was like no sorry its my other best mates bday and she asked me today n i was just blunt like when you wana go kinda thing..

I'm a very confontational person but in this case its hard for me to me to be like why do you wana know me now cause you dont usually...
Any advice i just dno whether to say something or not.

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