Gcse english language paper 1 and 2

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Im really stressed out after my english language exam. I ran out of time for question 5 and didnt finish it eventhough I gave myself half an hour to do it because i was struggling to think. q1-4 were hard and it took a long time for me to think of something to write because i was panicking and my mind blanked, for q5 I panicked and couldnt think of a good plot for the narrative and so i went with what I could think of and went with the flow making sure to make it descriptive and interesting but then again I was panicking so i dont even know if it made sense. now the question was about a life saving rescue and I had to put it in te story obviously, i stared at the time and there was 10 mins left and then i tried to put in the rescue without making it rushed but then there was 5 mins left and i had to put the rescue in the story but my mind blanked and i just wrote what i could!! and now that sentence is left unfinished!! Will I lose marks because i didnt focus the story on what it told me to do. Im stressed because I got a 9 last time and i know that what I just did in the exam was not my best. I tried and revised so hard for this exam doing past papers and everything but in the exam it felt like I knew nothing!! I guess partly the reason was because I panicked. Will I be able to push up my grade to a 9 if i do amazing in lang paper 2? Even after what i wrote in that exam because ik that was the worst ive ever written!! it was so bad I just know it!! and these are the real exams. if i hadnt done amazing and didnt get a grade 9 in the mocks it would have been fine but these are REALL! But ik I cant do that paper can even though i wish i could. Whats done is done but i still have paper 2. can i do amazing in paper 2 and get a grade 9?and how do i ? And any tips on how to not panic and control my nerves and also manage my time?
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I think you could probably still get a grade 9 with paper 2, also control your nerves by maybe controlling your time better? I don’t really know, I usually start and do all the smaller questions in exams then whatever time I have left I use for the bigger ones. But overall nothing to stress about what is done is done and time to focus on your other ones.

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