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Relationship With Mum Is Being Affected By Certain Problems watch

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    Please keep anon or delete as friends use this.

    I have always had a very good relationship with my mum, but recently we have been fighting a lot about certain problems in my life, which has begun to affect our relationship.

    Problem One
    My mum wants to move house to an area, in which I really hate. Before she went ahead with the move (we are not moving to January by the way) she said to me that If I was not happy with the move, then we would not go ahead with it. I told her I was not happy with it, but despite her saying this, she is going ahead with it.

    Problem 2

    I seriously don't get on with a sibling of mine. We abouslaty hate each other. The thing which annoys me about her (she's 17) she does not have a job, is not in college and all she does is sit and watch tv all day long, where as (i'm 19) I have a part time job and do 4 a levels in college. My mum pays for everything for her, she will buy her hair extensions, dvds ect where as at her age she should earn some sort of money which is what I am doing. When ever I try to talk to my mum about she says

    "your 19, your suppose to be working where as she's only 17"

    This annoys me because my mum won't do anything about it, and to be honest with you my dads no help either. The point I am saying is that she should have some sort of job. My sister does not even try to get a job and this bugs me. At the moment I feel this serious anger towards my sister.

    The main thing is that these problems have affected my relationship with my mum. It feels like I can't even talk to her now because one of these problems just somehow comes into the conversation.
    What I want to do is just to sit down with my mum and tell her how I feel but she would just not see my point of view. At the moment I feel sad but very angry and I'm worried it may affect my college work. The thing is I just want the mother and daughter relationship we once had. At the moment we have had another argument and I feel pushed out cause I have no one to talk to.

    I'm really sorry for the rant its just that I could seriously do with some sort of advice before I lose my mind.
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    =l Thanks.

    Obviously you're not in the best situation - it must be really frustrating to feel like you don't have the support from your parents. Equally - it's not your place to worry about your sister - what gives you the right to tell her what she should be doing?

    Try and sit down with your mum, or write her a letter to explain how you feel. It is important that you feel you can talk to her. Also, talk to your sister - say you think she is taking what she has for granted, and explain why, as opposed to feeling angry and feeling disdain that she isn't acting how you want her to.

    Things will improve - perhaps you're thinking of going to university - Whilst moving out is not a solution, it is the case - at the stage you are with studies etc - people get to the point where they get annoyed with their family and feel ready to leave. I know I certainly felt ready to.

    Good luck, and think of moving as a fresh start. It may be in a less desirable area for you, but your family can't revolve everything around you. Try to go along with your parents - they may have reasons for acting how they are. At the same time - if you are truly unhappy about it, tell your parents that you are disappointed they ignored your feelings.
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