is death a bad thing?

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I see it as a good thing, because if the person is ill and suffering, they are at peace now.

but if the person isn’t ill or suffering, then it could be a bad thing because your life has ended, you can’t enjoy yourself
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When we are dead we stop being artificial consumers, and return to the natural order. We have no choice over this if the disease or the insult to the body is so great. If pain and distress in this end process cannot be alleviated, for whatever reason then it is a good thing to die to end this. That end point can be an alarmingly short time into our lives.

Life isn't necessarily about enjoyment. Our primary reason for being alive is to perpetuate the species. Look at the huge struggles that every other animal species face on a day to day level just to survive, to find enough to eat, to find a safe place to live. Nature is very brutal. If we can find enjoyment in one small thing each day then that is a step in the right direction.

We experience the world around us in a good or bad way. We have been indoctrinated to believe and behave in a certain way. Life is very very short and transient. It is fragile. Death created by us is our own population control. We have too many people on the planet so we will ultimately destroy ourselves. That said if you are alive and you are not ill or suffering you have an obligation to live each day to the max as it is so precious. Explore the world, be interested in people, then see where you can do good. Sometimes doing good takes remarkably little effort. Don't waste a day and do not to hide away and ultimately die for nothing. Be determined to live each day to the limits even though it may involve pain and suffering. Get up and get out and prove that. Make death for those who do good a bad thing.

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