Did I do the right thing? Is this wrong?

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I know I just posted a second or a minute ago but this is an emergency that I need advice on. My ex-boyfriend and I broke up a year or so ago and I mean we- we are pretty good friends now ig and I know I'm dating the guy I love more than ANYTHING in the world but the truth is that we didn't break up because he dumped me or I dumped him or I had to move or some stupid crap like that but that I was being stupid and chose my career in a music industry over him at the time and chose to tell him we had to end it so that I could keep my career in the music industry... but now? Now I am wondering if I did the right thing for both of us. He's leaving for Greece tomorrow at least that's what he told me in a message 3 hours ago and he lives in Seoul so it's already tomorrow there anyways. He said that he gave everyone he knows a visit to their house but what really breaks him is that he couldn't do the same for me, that it doesn't mean he doesn't love and care bout me as a friend and that while we were dating for that short time he got to learn and know a lot about me, he said he wanted to thank me for everything I did for him because I made a lot of changes in his life. But the only change I made was that I hurt him, I'm not saying that it didn't hurt me at the time because it did BELIEVE me it hurt like getting kicked by a pony (btw that's actually happened to me before) I just- I don't know what to do. Before we broke up he couldn't bear not texting me for even a minute and from then until now I haven't heard from him at all. Not even a single "Hi" from him. I know I did something really stupid but... is it wrong for me to want to keep him in my life like before?
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What's the emergency? You've got this guy's contact details and can get in touch any time you want. However, you did dump him, for your career, and how do you think you can 'keep this guy in your life like before' when you are dating someone else that you claim to love?

If you want your ex back, finish with your current boyfriend first. But be aware that you could end up alone with neither of them.

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