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International student going to Germany watch

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    I'm an international student studying at uni of sheffield. I'm applying to get a German visitor's visa.
    I have a host there - he has a british passport but residency in Germany.

    I have all the documents necessary, but I'd appreciate it if someone could help me out with an issue I'm having:

    Bank statement - I'm financed by my dad but on the visa application I've said myself as I had funds in my account (have a statement saying I have 700, that was in the beginning of Nov and my visa appointment is for the 19th and I'm traveling in dec. and so I don't know if they will ask whether thats enough really since its in late dec. ALSO would they ask me to get a statement from my dad too coz he supports me for uni and finances??).

    Concerning the host, he can supply an invitation saying that he will also support me financially as well as provide me with accommodation and food etc - but what I'm wondering is because his status is going to be 'student' would that mean he needs to provide a bank statement as well? Or would it be implied that he is living with his parents?

    Insurance - I found the nomad.com website where I can insurance from, what I want to know is whether my country of residence is going to be home HOME and not the UK (since I only have a student visa)

    The main issue I'm having is with the bank statement to say that I am able to financially support myself and what my host needs to give me.

    Thanks for reading this long winded post... just needed some help really --- I will be calling up the embassy as well, but since its a pound per minute thought I'd ask round first whether anyone has been in this situation as well before.


    I would take a statement from your dad as well, to show that you have additional funds available incase this 700 runs out. Whenever I've had to show my bank statment for a visa they have been quite happy with the most recent one I had when applying for the visa. Is there a certain amount of money you're supposed to have each day? As long as your statement meets the criteria you should be fine.

    With regards to your host, I don't know. To make it easier he could just give a bank statement too and then you're covered either way.

    Insurance- it is your home country as far as I know. For example, I currently live in Finland but as I am here as a student my country of residence is still the UK. Therefore I am unable to get Finnish travel insurance, I have to get a cover from the UK. I've checked this out with various insurance providers and they all said the same thing.


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