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GCSE Geo 2022

Hello all
I have a Question which I was wondering if anybody would be able to Anwser . I take AQA GCSE Geography , and we were supposed to have learnt two sections from Rivers , Glaciers or Coasts . Our school Had Learnt Topic Of Rivers and Glaciers , however in exams I have really struggled on the Rivers topic . I have Now Learnt all of the coasts section and prefer this and find this a lot more interesting and a little simpler , and was wondering if it will still be scanned for the examiner as our school has not taught Coasts . All sections are Inside the question Paper , you just have to choose Between Two from Rivers Glaciers or Coast sections .

Please let me know if anyone has an Anwser ? :smile:

Thank you
You can choose to answer whatever sections you prefer as far as I am aware. I remember my teacher was telling us about a boy who had done so in a previous year. All the best with your exams!

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