How would I do out of five on this question?

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Explain two religious views about same-sex parents. Refer to sacred writings or another source of religious belief and teaching in your answer. (5 Marks)

Some Christians believe that same-sex parents is fine because it shows a deep and loving relationship between two parents, which is a commitment. Christians believe that Jesus argued on the importance of loving one another, so Christians believe people of the same sex can love each other, like Jesus did to build a stable relationship. Jesus said to ‘love thy neighbour.’

However other Christians believe that same-sex parenting is wrong, because it is unnatural to marriage. Christians believe that marriage should be a deep, stable and loving of people of the opposite sex.
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I'm not sure what level of study your at/what board you may be so this answer is assuming this is marked as a GCSE Edexcel religious studies question (as this is what I studied, even though my exam didn't have any 5 markers)

The first two sentences would probably gain you two marks at least. The quote you used is relevant and supports your point, but generally you should directly link it to your point. I understand why you used it, but it may be more beneficial to explicitly state something like : ...which shows us that Jesus believed that loving eo is.." etc. Again I'm not sure how formal this is meant to be but it may be better to use the word "acceptable" instead of "fine". I'd say 2 marks for the first point because of the lack of link between the quote and your point, but that may be me being harsh.

For your second point it might be good to find a source to support the point but because this is out of 5 you might just get aways with it and gain 2 marks for this section. HOWEVER, because the question is about parents and not just general relationships, you may need to make the point more tailored to that or you risk not get any marks for this bit.

Overall I'd say 4 if its at around GCSE-level, but perhaps 3 if its a higher level/stricter
Honestly you could get anywhere from 1 (being very harsh) up to 5, but its hard to know without knowing what examiners are looking for.

Hope this helped!

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