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So I have never smoked a cigarette or e cigarette, and nobody in my family smokes. So I've been fairly content that my risks of smoking related health conditions as been at a minimum. However, since joining uni, most of my flatmates smoke. This isn't a problem in itself as they never do it inside, however on nights out they always go to the smoking area at some pojnt, usually more than once. I always come along because otherwise I'd be on my on inside, and although I never smoke myself, in smoking areas obviously there is a high level of smoke in the air. I hadn't even considered until yesterday that this has probably put me at a higher risk of these health conditions related to smoking. I mean yesterday for example I probably spent about half an hour possibly even more in the smoking area, I'm really annoyed at myself because I'm just now realising this could be dangerous. And I've probably done this 20-30 times through the year. How much more likely do you think I am now to get a smoking related illness? I'm quite worried about this and annoyed at myself. I'll make sure to bear this in mind in the future.
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I understand your fear 100% - I've been there. my dad smoked from when I was born until 2019. when I was little before the law changed, he would always smoke in the car and as I grew up it would be absolutely everywhere. im 18 for context, and I was born with asthma but so far have not got any serious illness from his second hand smoke. 20-30 instances for you seems okay, remember people say if you stop smoking after a little while your lungs can kinda clear themselves out

I wouldn't recommend doing it all the time though, of course haha

I hope I helped somehow!

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