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what is criminology like to study?

I’ve looked into the aspects i’ve found online and I think i have a basic understanding of what is involved when it comes to studying criminology. I love the idea of either being a detective or maybe a criminal lawyer, but I’m still not sure as i’m toying between studying Law with Business at university or Law with Criminology, and as I have never studied either topics at college (other than the law aspect) I have no clue which one would probably suit me best. Ultimately, I don’t know anyone studying criminology either as my college never offered it.

How do you find criminology? What does it involve? Is it difficult? Is it a lot to remember? Any help is appreciated :smile:
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Hey! I definitely think if you want to go down either the criminal lawyer or detective route, I would definitely consider the law and criminology degree. Studying both aspects, I think will help you narrow down which route you want to go down. I studied psychology and criminology and I'm glad I did that degree and have now decided to go down the detective route myself. Every uni course is different so it depends where you decide to go but I studied modules like explaining criminal behaviour, about the criminal justice system, policing, specific crimes such as sexual and violent crimes and many more. I found them all to be very interesting. What aspects are interesting you about law with business over law with criminology to see if I can try help in anyway!

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