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i've recently decided to firm edinburgh and i've been looking through accommodation options. i want something relatively basic that is very sociable. i was wondering if anyone who has been knows of any places to avoid or any places that are too isolated from other students?

thank you!!
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hey! if you want a relatively social place then a lot of people will tell you to go to pollock halls. It is the catered accommodation in UoE. A little research of what people say for different accommodations will show you the pros and cons of Pollocks. Many people like it because its sociable and its more of a community feel, however you can't cook your own food, higher prices, and all the ppl there are posh Rah Rah Tories lol. however you get what you make out of every experience. there are a lot of ways to meet new people so you should take every opportunity you can get. Self catered accommodation also has really sociable people and there is a range of housing prices you can choose from. If you want to be close to Pollocks, there are also a lot of selfcatered flats near the place. A really popular self catered accom is Salisbury Court, but its a little bit more on the expensive side.

In terms of places that are very isolated/places to avoid I think Beaverbank is one of them just because they're so far away from all the campuses and you need to take a bus most likely. The distance for the other accommodations are depending on which campus you go to. hope this helped! lmk if u have any more questions

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