my friend is jealous of the fact that i am treated differently by him

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there is this guy we both like. me and my friend both talk to him (he's been my friend for 2/3 years now and i think a year for her).
she's getting really upset that he treats me differently to her.
for example, he cares about me so much more than he cares about her as he asks me if i am okay every few days and if i am not, he'll send me a paragraph trying to make me happy. however for her, though she always helps him when he's upset, he never puts in the same energy.

he says 'ily' to me when i say it to him but whenever she says ily to him, he just says 'yeah'. wtf
he has asked me to hang out with him multiple times but i bail because i have work to do. when she asks him to hang out, he made an excuse.
he even talks about me to her, recently saying that he 'live laugh loves * (my name)'
like what the hell does that even mean?

i keep telling her that he does care about her as she is number 1 on his best friend list but she doesn't seem to understand. it's making her so upset and i love my best friend and i want her to feel ok. what do i do?
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She’ll get the hint one day

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