Business Studies- choosing KU Leuven or Antwerpen or LUISS & Gothenburg University

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Hi everyone, I hope to have your advice regarding my current options for Master Degree in Europe, I already have 4 years of experience and this Sep I will travel to Europe. Currently, I have admission to the programs and schools with status below:

  1. Master of Science in Business Administration - KU Leuven (Brussels Campus) - 1 year - conditionally admitted - need to submit GMAT
  2. Double Degree Program with 1 year at LUISS University in Italy (Degree in Management) and 1 year at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden (Degree in Innovation and Industrial Management) - unconditionally admitted
  3. Master in Business Economics - Antwerp University - 1 year - unconditionally admitted

In terms of business education and employment opportunities, which option, in your perspective, is better? as after the master degree, I would like to seek a job in management consulting/market research in Europe. My current thought is that between the Master at Antwerp and LUISS/Gothenburg, I would prefer the Double Degree at LUISS/Gothenburg but if my GMAT is sufficent for KU Leuven, should I choose KU or LUISS/Gothenburg? as both KU Leuven and LUISS are both prestigious schools in each country. I am sorry for asking about something that is not yet in my hand, but the day I take the GMAT will be the same day I have to give a final response to the Double Degree Program at LUISS/Gothenburg.So, I really hope to have your support on this matter. Thank you very much, everyone.

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