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I had an end of year politics exam today.
The question was 'to what extent has the executive dominated parliament since 2010?'

I answered the question with these 3 paragraphs:

1. In terms of Brexit, the executive was not dominant in pushing through the deal.

2. The judiciary (in particular due to the Article 50 ruling and the prorogation of parliament ruling) has limited the dominance of the executive because it is reliant on Parliament.

3. The Coalition was more dominant (e.g. due to austerity cuts being passed), but still suffered from the internal rivalry between the two parties and therefore it was not as strong.

Is this division completely off? I feel it would be better to have one paragraph on parliamentary sovereignty or other broad themes like that etc., what is the right way to go about the question.

This is for Edexcel if that changes anything.

Many thanks!

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