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Sociology AQA paper 1 exam

Had the Paper 1 exam and I’m really scared I think I’ve ruined it… ima just break down what happened and see what you guys think.
for the first question about competition between pupils I wrote about 1. Streaming sets- People in low streaming sets motivated to push higher 2. Exams- people will try hard for their exams if they think it’ll benefit their career , resulting in them wanting to be beat peers

2nd question on education and patriarchal
1. I wrote about text books are patriarchal (men in stem typically)
2. Girls often picked on for their uniform whereas men rarely are, women constantly told what to do and oppression etc
3. Teachers often spend more time focused on males, teaches girls to be passive

In the 10 marker about subcultures I spoke about
How ideal pupil (Becker) and how students label some groups therefore they create their own subculture.

Second paragraph about Sewells study on anti school subcultures (conformists, innnovators, retreastits and rebellion) however I forgot Sewells name which massively limits me. But I said Fullers study on black girls created their own subculture .

30 marker on marketisation
I said Gertwitz study was hall’s - massive mistake and makes me look like an idiot.
I didn’t include Any other sociologist really I just said “Marxists argue”. I feel like this will limit me massively, although I think my answer was good it just doesn’t have enough sociologist explanation.

For the 20 marker on group interviews I think I did great but I said Durkheim was a interpretivist and Webber was a positivist (when it’s the other way around) I think that will also limit me.

For the 10 marker I spoke about the dark figures of crime which was a labelling theory however I wasn’t to sure who said it so I said Circourel and Becker would agree with this”

All in all, I didn’t have enough sociologist explanation in the 30 marker and I included the wrong sociologists even though I used the correct theory’s. I’m aiming to get an A in sociology not even an A* how much do you think I’m capped considering I included a few wrong sociologists (for context in my mock I got an A* and a B= A overall and for my uni I need AAA or A* AB)
I have seen that you have posted this multiple times - ultimately no one on here can tell you how you did as we are not examiners, do not have the mark scheme or grade boundaries. If you are worried about what other people have written being different to your own, I would advise you to stop looking at forums as there is no guarantee that they are right either.

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