Are Distance Learning Degrees recognized internationally in the U.S and U.K?

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Basically, Kaplan Singapore seems to have started offering the BSc Computer Science course of University of Essex in Singapore at their institute and their first batch began in January.

Is anyone currently taking the course or any other course via Kaplan Singapore? I've read quite a couple of negative experience with Kaplan as a whole.

Here's an example of a victim though its unclear which course she took through Kaplan.

This is the course via Essex Website:
BSc Computer Science - Computer Science Degree | University of Essex

And this is the course via Kaplan Singapore:
Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Computer Science (Top-up) | Singapore (
**Kaplan Singapore offers the course only from Year 2 onward, which means they require applicants to already have a relevant Diploma course to be eligible for recognition of prior learning. It is basically 240 credits with 120 credits exemption. Additionally it takes about 18 months to complete this part-time degree (lessons held at night) as there will be shorter study break/vacations.

I reach out to the University of Essex last week and the representative told me that the Cert will be the same one awarded in the U.K on campus BUT the Transcript will indicate the teaching institution to be Kaplan Singapore. This got me concerned if it would be truly treated as equal to the one awarded on campus in the U.K by the Government, Customs, Foreign Universities (for higher studies) etc.

Has anyone already gone through this so called "Distance Learning" path?

The Rep has also informed that while the course has been accredited by the British Computer Society, this is only applicable the course is taken on Campus in the U.K. Kaplan Singapore's option is not currently accredited by the BCS. This is another concern, how important is the BCS and would it make any difference?

Is there a clear way or organization whom I can contact to confirm that it is safe and that the course offered via Kaplan Singapore will be fully recognized internationally as a standard 3 years U.K Bachelors (Honours) degree? It seems like its extremely challenging to verify and get accurate answers.

Please advice or share your experience.
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