Band member keeps using me for lifts

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So I'm in a band and since passing my test, another member keeps expecting lifts. She lives nowhere near me and I have communicated this to her, yet still expects lifts for free. It's actually now affecting the band because our drummer recently left due to other commitments and now all the driving and pressure has been put onto my shoulders.I'm now currently withholding plans for the band because of this. She makes me feel bad when I say no. I said no last time because my engine light is temperamental (which it is) and she tried everything to try and trick me to take her home.She tried leaving her stuff in my car in hopes I'd forget then would have to take her home. I then reminded her she was getting a bus home. She then complained she had to wait an hour for her bus... So went around ringing everyone she knew who drives who also told her no. It's got to the point she doesn't ask, offers no petrol and when I do ask I have to beg her for a payment like 3 times after. She even keeps suggesting plans that I know she wouldn't be able to make it too and then once its planned, she's waiting for me to pick her up.Funny thing is, I'm not the only driver in the band yet it seems to be okay when they say no to giving lifts. I don't want the band falling apart because of her entitlement. What would you do?
I've even noticed how she doesn't bother as much anymore since I've stopped the lifts. It's like she's giving me the silent treatment.
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what would I do?

I would have just said no in the first place and then not respond if she asks again. I don't like repeating myself lol.

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