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    I currently have a choice between two timetables:

    Monday = 9-7
    Tuesday = 10-6
    Wednesday 9-10

    2.Monday-Thursday (evenly spread)

    I live about a 1h15m train journey away from the university costing £13.40 a day.

    I am finding my current (1) timetable to be very tiring and I work on Thursdays and Sundays. Especially as I have to get up so early. To stay at uni it would cost over £3k a year, at home I don't have to pay rent and I have access to food etc.

    Do you guys think I am being a bit of a wimp and should stick with my current timetable or?

    I'd appreciate any comments.

    I think that i would live closer to the uni tbh as the cost that you spend getting there could save for some of your accomadation and wont have to get up as early

    I dunno, it's a swings and roundabouts thing.

    If you changed to t/t 2 then you could probably get a weekly ticket on the train, which is likely to be cheaper, but from expirience, commuting every day is equally as exhausting and depressing (especially if you're only going in for a short day).

    Also, as Im assuming you're in first year. Id say live in next year, as the work gets more difficult.
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    (Original post by Ratsr)
    don't you get like 2k more loan or free money or what ever if you don't live at home?
    Tuition fees are paid for by the government but no funding for accommodation, otherwise I'd be there right now.

    £96 a week (excluding bills) to stay at my uni's halls.

    As mentioned in another post I will most probably/definitely stay at halls next year irregardless of the costs.

    Also my work is local but there is a branch close to my uni.

    Problem at the moment is being stuck on the timetable I am I have missed a 2 lessons in the mornings, so I can use my rail card and get up slightly later so I feel less tired so I can concentrate @ uni. Seems I got a possibly-automated email about my attendance for last 3 weeks, I have also been avoiding wednesdays (1 lesson) which is a hand-in-group-set-homework-session with arrangements with my other group members.

    Anything I could do now to solve the problem right now?

    Do you know how much time you need to go to the university by car? Probably you will be more flexible if you possess/use a car.

    I'm commuting to uni as well and more than likely will for my full degree...probably the same length of time of commute as well...and my timetable is spread over short days mon-thurs...I like it better that way...annoying on Mondays as I'm only in for an hour but the other days I'm in for at least 2hours so it's not too bad,well I don't find it that bad because only need to get up early two days. I would maybe speak to someone at uni to see if there's anyway you could strike some balance between both timetable options.
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