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Hey everyone! I have accepted an offer to study MSc Technology Management at UCL this year. This course is offered by the Department of Space and Climate Physics (MSSL), who have combined their expertise with that of the UCL Centre for Systems Engineering to design a course meant for STEM graduates who want to pursue a career in the field of management and technology.

I have thoroughly read the course content and their departmental website.
The course seems to cater to only a small group of STEM graduates.
What are the career prospects after graduating from this course? And will it be better to instead pursue a pure MSc Management or international Management course? For context, I have a bachelors in Computer Science (international student) and I would like to transition into Management. The course fees is pretty expensive (38,000 GBP for internationals), and I really wouldn't want to spend a year studying at UCL and it amounting to nothing!
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It totally depends on what your career goals are. The general management courses would lead you to careers more focused on core management such as business analytics, core consulting, finance, etc. The Tech Management course would lead you to career such in technological consulting, analytics, design management, etc. in the same firms as those of the general management courses.

All management courses have roughly the same fees to internationals I believe around £35000, so can't really help that. But on the other hand too, management degrees are mostly designed to getting the students employed straight after graduation so the problem of high fees sort of evens out I guess.

As for the job prospects, UCL is really reputed and it would surely stand out if you go on to get good grades and gain some first hand experience. Employers generally look out for those. It would really help you out if you are looking to work in the UK after the course. However since you are an international student, it also depends on what the post study work prospects of your country with the UK are. For a few countries you need to find employment within 3 months of you graduating, but for some others it may be as long as 2 years.

That gives you enough time to take on further internships and do the necessary networking to find full time employment in the UK.

If your goal is to work in the UK after graduation then this course is a good option considering your background and the UCL reputation. Everyone has to put in effort to find employment regardless. So basically it all boils down to what you make out of your time and course there and what the post study prospects of your country with the UK are.

Hope this helps and all the best to you.

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