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Hello everyone please help me regarding this matter, I have been going through so many issues in relation to my personal and family life, but after all took courage and start life all over again but now I'm so disappointed don't know what to do I have applied for LPC LLM program with BPP, in the year 2021 September I was on live chat room asking information for February session 2022, the guy on the live chat took my phone number and called me and enrolled me over the phon, everything happened so quickly but I made it sure that BPP has February session 2022 available and that is when I will start cours, he said I am registered with BPP now on I can use student hub to communicate. Unfortunately since January 2022 i started calling/ emailing regarding course but no good answer, my experience with BPP is in another level now,as I have applied for LPC LLM part time that was suppose to start on February 2022 but somehow BPP enrollment team put my name on September 2021 season which I never agreed to. Meanwhile I have submitted my application on January 2022 and I was waiting for BPP response now BPP asking for payment that is due, and since January 2022 I been trying to contact them over the phone or email but no one comes up with any solution like why I been registered on September 2021 when I am suppose to start course on February session 2022 no one reply to this question if there is any February session 2022 at all. Or I was just misinformed don't know. This morning I have received a debt letter from a company names Oriel which says BPP demanding outstanding payment for the course that I never received. Anyone put light on this matter please reply or have you ever been face such experience please let me know. Thanks
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Sorry to hear about your situation. I started my LPC in Sep2021 but since then I had a lot of communications on many many occasions from the programme team e.g. for the delivery of my books, bundles and all course materials. I wonder how have you waited till January to contact the team. You should have all the information via e-mails including the class timetable, Mock exams and January exams etc sent to your inbox from the beginning of September onwards. If I were you, I would try my best to contact the person who was involved in the enrolment process. Personally, I did try e-mailing the person who enrolled me at least twice and called a few times in order to get hold of her and her colleagues to resolve my admission issues (due to family relocation issues as well as house move and all the life admins) with possible changes to my mode of study and start date etc. I did succeed in resolving my course issues within a week after multiple conversations on the phone and e-mail. If you use BPP Hub to raise a student query, you will receive an automated e-mail with a system-generated enquiry number. Once you call the switchboard you can discuss the case number issued by the Hub for your enquiry. Please keep trying to speak to someone until it's resolved. Once you call, please mention the imminence of your situation and I am sure the University will respond promptly to resolve this for you.

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Thank you for your response please note I don't have access to Hub and no information regarding using Hub or related studies or classes just few emails regarding payments. BPP offered me for September 2022 session recently,I have waited so long already for the response and I tried to communicate many ways and many times, either I have been put on hold just listened to music for hour, anyway If I had to do September 2022 session I would better go for other universities and are happy to answer my queries. Many thanks

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