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Questions about health and fitness (for girls) watch

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    Basically, a friend wanted me to pose this question as she is not a member of TSR ( a shame yes)
    So i am posing these two questions and hopefully you guys can answer it


    what are the advantages of a high protein diet?
    whats the fastest way to lose weight and tone in 3 weeks

    Read this.

    (Original post by Stricof)
    what are the advantages of a high protein diet?
    In terms of physique/aesthetics:
    -Increased fat loss potential
    -Maintain and/or increase muscle mass

    In terms of sporting ability:
    -Potential to increase strength
    -Aid in recovery (from workouts and/or injury)

    In terms of health:
    -Increased immunity
    -Increased growth
    -Optimum health (ie; proteins are essential in many bodily processes in the form of hormones, enzymes, etc)

    (Original post by Stricof)
    whats the fastest way to lose weight and tone in 3 weeks
    If she wants to be healthy, get fit, look better, for the LONG run, she is going to have to change her diet and lifestyle, there are no quick fixes, optimistically she'd be looking at 1-2lb of weight/fat loss per week (if we are talking in a proper, healthy and controlled manner).

    Of course she can lose far more with crash/detox diets, but they aren't healthy (you risk serious health complications), they aren't sustainable (it is unhealthy normally to follow them for more than a week or so) and she may actually find that her physique suffers rather than improves (rapid weight loss normally results in muscle and/or water loss, rather than fat, leading to becoming 'skinny fat'). FAIL.

    Best way to 'tone up'?

    1. Healthy diet. Get a plate, 1/4 protein (ie; fish, meat, dairy, etc), 1/4 carbs (ie; rice, pasta, beans, etc), 1/2 veg. Now if she wants to lose weight simply cut the portion size until you're achieving a state of steady weight loss. In between meals snack on healthy things like fruit, nuts, seeds, etc. Drink plenty of water. Avoid processed/fast/read meals/food.

    2. Exercise. High intensity training is better for fat loss and maintaining, or even building a bit of muscle. No, she won't turn like Arnie, she simply doesn't have enough of the relevant hormones for this to happen. So, resistance training we're talking free weights, heavy compound lifts like squats, deadlifts, lunges, presses, pullups, chinups, rows, etc. For cardio/conditioning, there is burpee conditioning (google), tabata, etc. Now don't go overboard, 3 resistance training sessions per week with 1 or 2 conditioning sessions should be more than enough if she is eating properly.
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