AQA A Level Psychology Paper 1 [Exam Questions]

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outline research into the capacity of STM [2]
outline research into the duration of STM [2]
participants were told to recall the events of a car crash, outline two ways of improving their memory, refer to the cognitive interview [4]
discuss the working memory model (stem question) [16]
Social Influence
name the three events of minority influence that are used in these scenarios (flexibility,consistency,commitment) [3]
name one explanation for resistance to social influence [1]
a teacher left class and told the students to do work when he was gone, but no one ended up doing the work, refer to one explanation of resistance to social influence to explain why the kids did no work [4]
discuss research into situational variables, to show why we obey [16]
outline one of the things shown in cultural variations of attachment [2]
tick two boxes of what Bowlby doesn't talk about in his monotropic theory [2]
Lenny is 21 and has difficulty forming relationships since he is scared of commitment, he says his mum not being in his life may have affected this, use your knowledge of later attachment to explain Lenny's behaviour [4]
discuss animal studies of attachment, in terms of human behaviour [16]
tick the correct box which shows the correlation of +0.4 [1]
apart from a correlation, what is the other characteristic of Pearson's r design [2]
the calculated value is 0.4 (roughly), the critical value is 0.36 (roughly), are the results significant, explain why [4]
outline failure to function adequately and statistical infrequency as definitions of abnormality [6]
what is a limitation of systematic desensitization [3]
discuss genetic explanation of OCD [8]

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