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Hi everyone,

my uni handbook says:
“In order to be credited with the modules applying to any one academic year students must have:
i) Achieved a credit weighted average mark of 40% or more across all modules taken in the year
ii) Must have gained a mark of 40 or more in any subject which is a foundation subject* and a mark of 35 or more in any subject which is a non-foundation subject.
*this includes Foundations of Canadian Law and Canadian Constitutional Law. Full details of progression requirements can be found in Senate Regulation 5
Progression from 1st to 2nd year (level 4 to 5)
The regulations for progression from first year to second year in cases where students have not passed all their assessments and modules have changed recently.
These changes are designed to give students the maximum chance to continue with their studies, including the possibility of repeating their first year where it is thought this will maximise their chance of success.
A summary of the revised requirements is as follows:
Up to and including 20 credits failed
If the modules failed are not pre-requisites for progression to the next level students can proceed into year 2 and carry the failed credits.
Modules failed totalling 21-30 credits
Students who have a credit weighted average for their first year of at least 40%, who have no fail marks below 15%, and where failed modules are not pre-requisites may proceed into year 2 and re-sit failed assessments from year one the next time these are offered.
Up to and including 45 credits failed
Students who have up to 45 failed credits who do not meet the criteria for the progression decisions listed above will be offered the opportunity to repeat their first year.
If students have failed more than 40 credits following re-sit/re-submission they will not be allowed to continue with their studies at the University.“
Now, as far as I am aware, tort law is a prerequisite exam. Does it mean that I won’t be able to re-sit tort if I failed it although my overall average is above 40%?

Thank you in advance.

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