Is it possible to ask for an ecg to get reassurance because I am so anxious right now

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I have posted on here already about being worried about a cardiac arrest. Usually with my worries, I can generally push them to the back of my mind enough to try and get on with my day but this time it is different. I have not been able to do any revision for my A levels all day and I am terrified. I am wondering, would it be wrong to ask for an ecg just to get reassurance/get any treatment should I need it and after that I will start working on my anxiety? It is also not completely for no reason because I have woken up with a racing heart twice before and I can often feel my heart beating in my chest after exercise. I wasn't sure if this was normal or not, but when I took some propanolol that I was prescribed for the first time today to help with my panicking I noticed that I didn't feel the same sensation so I am wondering if it is maybe worth looking into anyway. However, I don't want to waste my doctor's time/the NHS' money etc because I would feel really bad but I am scared that if I don't get this reassurance I am not sure how I will cope. What is everyone's thoughts?
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Requesting an ECG in order to alleviate your anxiety isn't really how things work. From what you've described here (I have't read your other threads), you're aware that you have issues with anxiety. Is that what the Propranolol was for? Has that been prescribed for you by your GP?

If you're worried about you're heart, you need to book an appointment with your GP and explain your symptoms. They might suggest that an ECG (or other investigative procedure) is warranted, or they might conclude that you heart is fine and that your concerns are unwarranted.

If you're really keen to get a ECG done, you could arrange to have it done privately. Just google "private ecg" and you'll find several places which offer it. Some talk about same-day appointments; I saw a price of £85 mentioned on another.

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