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Help me firm and insurance pls UCL vs Edinburgh vs Imperial

I have offers for medicinal chemistry at imperial, edinburgh and nottingham. I have an offer for pharmacy at ucl and natural sciences at bath. I have a fear of decision making and the deadline is only getting closer and closer. I also have to do this asap so that I can actually apply for accommodation.

In my head i have narrowed it down to edinburgh and ucl but I feel like it is a shame to reject imperials offer because they are prestigious, but when I visited I didn't really like the vibe. I loved visiting both edinburgh and ucl and I love both cities so I am really stuck. Edinburgh is AAA, UCL is AAB and Imperial is A*A*A. This means i don't have anything to insurance if I firm UCL. Im also not really sure why i picked the courses i did so does anyone know the process of changing course when you get to the university? Pls help with my thought process, I am panicking,
yours panickingly,
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Your heart says UCL and Edinburgh - they are two sensible, leading science Unis so no worries there.
Check the course content and teaching methods for both, are there are any extras like placements or any study abroad opportunities - these add greatly to your graduate CV. Think about the reality of living in each place - E'burgh will be great deal cheaper than central London, and probably safer.

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