Should you get over someone who doesn’t appreciate you??

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I really like this guy and he likes me back. He told everyone about me including his sister. But he acts very funny. He always says that I’m scary and hide from him. He just makes it seem like I’m this stuck up girl. One time I was in my car minding my business and he saw me and tried to make it seem like I was hiding from him. Whenever I do he always judges me but whenever im at my best he’s never there or seems to care. I could be out somewhere and every guy shows me love and attention but he’s the only hater. He just always seems salty and angry. He’s a very toxic person who likes me but never does anything instead is insecure and always blames me for his insecurities and flaws.. please help?? He honesty brings me down… people are so nice to me everywhere I go I get treated so special but he’s like the black seed that brings me down.. I never knew someone who could like you so much but hate you at the same time. Not to mention that he even found out where I lived he told all his friends about me.. if he did all this effort than why is he so mean?? I see his friends telling him “yo go talk to her go talk to her, I’m sick of you telling me about her” but he just puts this narrative that I have a attitude when the only one with the attitude is him. He puts this narrative that I’m mean and stuck up..
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yes get over it

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