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Seneca Memory Palace: opinons and score?

Hey guys, personally I'm a big fan of this idea! I just want to know: if you use Seneca, what do you think of the memory palace feature? (the map of places in the world)
How many places have you collected?
How do you choose between the two places they offer you?
Do you think it helps you remember things?
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i shall start: i've got over 300 places, and i try to choose places that will be spread out on the map.
mine are quite concentrated in the uk, japan, australia and usa.
As a Home Educator, the Memory Palace used to be like a really cool collection of achievements, but now you need to add a school :frown: I'm not part of any, so the whole feature is unavailable. I've sent feedback but I don't expect any refinements, unfortunately.
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Seneca has always been my 'light revision for when you're not in the mood for solid revision but still want to be productive' which turns out has happened a lot since my knowledge score is 7.2T and I've collected 357 places (I've been redoing the ones for my subjects which is why the score is so high but the places are so low lol). Embarrassing lmao
To choose places, when you've finished a module they ask you to pick between 2 places in the world and give a picture for each. Sometimes they place it on the map for you and sometimes they ask if you know where it is; the closer you are the more points you get so it's a cool little exercise to see how good your locational knowledge is.
As for remembering things, you're more likely to remember it the more you go over it, and Seneca has already thought about that so it tracks your 'memory strength' (although I'm not sure how accurate this is- some things I filled the bar up with but did so because I struggle with that subject eg the Krebs cycle or whatever, meaning that my memory of it wasn't actually that strong or long-term. Otherwise, it is a good aid to just refresh your memory on things, and it tests you as you go along so it is partly recall.
Haven't used it in years but I just used to choose the place with the best picture :lol:
I love seneca! I think the memory palace is a great feature as it actually makes me redo lessons until I unlock the place for that lesson. I just usually pick whichever place looks the prettiest haha. I haven't been using it that frequently though so I only have 132 places.
Hey guys, personally I'm a big fan of this idea! I have:Knowledge score102.4BQuestions answered3359Total learning time19h 4minI havn't really used seneca that much so i have 107 / 619 memories! : )
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Really big fan of seneca esspecially for the sciences, I have 551/619 locations, 120.9 trillion score and 214 hours on Seneca!! I just recently did my GCSE's and got 9's in everything i used seneca for!


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