Advice on experience formulating research questions, wiritng proposal etc.

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How was the entire procedure? When did you get hooked to the area you're currently working on and probably thinking of dedicating your academic life researching on the same? I am kinda confused, have got many books, research papers and primary texts to can anyone help me direct towards a proper path which will have less anxiety and more confidence as I build more around the area of research. Btw I am from the humanities and social sciences stream, esp English Literature. So, if someone can enlighten on the same it would be really helpful. PS-I did not have a dissertation paper in masters so I am also kinda at loss, whether I should go for MPhil or DPhil? So can anyone please advise me on the same? And also how many works is enough before you sit for the final draft of your research proposal, interview and also to kind of build a solid foundation of the topic you've chosen, for me it just seems like an endless process with no tail in the please help!!!
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