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OCR A-Level Geography 2022 Predicted Questions

Does anyone have any ideas on what types of questions may come up for Coasts and Earths Life Support Systems for OCR A-Level Geography 2022?
Thats the 16 mark questions my teacher gave us to practise today: ELSSAnalyse the effects of forest removal on the operation of physical systems.To what extent does an understanding of feedback systems in the carbon cycle help with attempts to mitigate the impacts of climate change?Assess the potential causes and impacts of changes to the water balance within the Arctic TundraCoastsTo what extent has a fall in sea level modified coastal landscapes?Assess the relative importance of weathering and erosion in the development of coastal landscapes.But also look at the specification, it seems like for ELSS there will be focus on carbon in the 16 marker
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Anyone remember the 16 marker for 2022 ??? Was it social inequality or Birmingham??

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