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Anyone know about this book?

Hi. I'm a Year 9 student and I came across a free chapter of a gcse math revision book guide. Does anyone know the title of the book please? Thank you.

Unit 9: Statistics, page 331
The first paragraph says,
'Florence Nightingale (1820-1910), was a famous nurse
during the Crimean War, which took place between 1853 and
1856. She is generally considered tohave founded the modern
nursing profession, by establishing her own nursing school at
St Thomas' Hospital in London in 1860. She was also a gifted
mathematician, and used statistical diagrams to illustrate the
conditions that existed in the hospitals where she worked.
Although she did not invent the pie chart, she popularised its
use, along with other diagrams such as the rose diagram, which
is like a circular histogram. In 1859, she was elected the first
female member of the Royal Statistical Society.'
The next page, says 9.1 Data display.

Please let me know if you know about this book!
Nope sorry don't know. If it's maths it could be CGP.

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