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S6 subject choices for Geography at uni

I’m trying to pick subjects for next year, with the aim of studying MA Geography next year at uni. I’m predicted As in four highers (geo, english, modern studies, french) and also have done an FA course in business. The entry requirements for the unis i want to apply for are AAAA/AAAB (hoping for glasgow or edinburgh). I’m now picking subjects for S6, and unsure of whether to pick “easy” subjects or do advanced highers etc.

So far I’ve chosen advanced higher geography and higher business, but other options include higher maths apps, npa criminology, self study crash higher history or self studying advanced higher modern studies (my school doesn’t have a teacher for history/modern studies and i taught myself the higher course🙃)

does anyone have any input of which subjects would be most beneficial for uni?
Good fits with geography would be a science such as biology, or another social science depending on what your school offers.

Try emailing the department admissions at a couple of unis to see what subjects they would recommend. I did this last year when I was looking at engineering and they were very helpful.

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