Should I still be friends with my bff?

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I have a friend that ive been close with for ages, but this year ive been noticing that she only asks me to hang out if she cant find any of her other friends, and if she wants to go somewhere and no one else wants to go she drags me with her. Whenever shes with one of her freinds she literally forgets im there too, and when we do talk she acts like shes such a good person, which i feel is decieptful bc i know shes not.

Idk i kinda want to drop her as a friend but im not sure if i should, bc i feel like she doesnt notice what she does is hurtful, even though i feel really upset.
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hi! before completely dropping her, try talking to her about how you're feeling. i know it must seem daunting, but maybe even sending her a text might work to get your message across.

if she gets really defensive and upset with you for the message, then that's an immediate sign to drop her and distance yourself - you don't want to be with someone who doesn't value you and your feelings.
if she is genuinely apologetic, i would try and give her a second chance - maybe she doesn't purposefully mean to hurt you. however, if she continues to ignore you and make you upset once you've talked to her, i would slowly distance myself from her.

you deserve a best friend that cares about you as much as you care about them. good luck <3
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No, it looks like the days of any genuine friendship from either one of you are long over.
She doesn't sounds anything like a friend and it seems that you don't have much friendly feeling for her either.
Good luck!
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if you need a new best friend i am here so we can get to know each other

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