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How can I tell my friends I feel lonely watch

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    I don't know how to tell my friends this?
    I am friends with and hang out with alot of people, however, they all have their own 'close' group of friends at school, who they always know are there for them, (if you get me). However, because I moved schools recently dont have this and therefore dont have a close group of people in school to rely on. My friends in other schools dont realise this, i feel realy isolated not being at school with any of them. I think they think that I am fine at school, perhaps because i have the appearance of having many friends, they might forget to include me in little things in the school week (i.e txt/ call etc) or at the week end which would be so good for my morale.
    I dont feel like i have one friend who i can totally rely on at the moment, you know some one who would chose to call YOU first or just txt you randomly. This may sound totally selfish but its always nice to have the feeling that you are wanted/needed. Even my best friend of 17 years I cant rely on since she moved school and got a bf.
    I just think that if they knew they would make more of an effort because they think im happy as things are. It started from me not being honest and always wanting to appear happy and cheerful. Its my fault really.

    sorry this may sound pathetic and it is just a verry vague outline of my problem xxxx

    I feel your pain. I moved school recently too but it's hard to get into close groups straight away. Mabe if you give it time you'll meet people that you can talk to about anything.

    i knw exactly what you mean, for many years i was exactly the same, then i met this girl and we were really close, she left, now im back to square one. The best way forward is to be the one to make the first move, is there one person at your new school that you are closer to than the rest, if so text them. you tend to find that once you take someone into your confidence (and in doing so make them feel they are closer to you) they will do the same, and by in a sense shring secrets the two will bond, the same goes for if you let someone in while you are at your lowest. Friendship isnt totally about the laughs and smiles, it is more about the hugs and tears

    Kinda in a similarish position as you.
    Wish someone could help =(
    Thats the strange thing though, i moved to 6th form where 90% of people from my school are the same but loadsss of others have joined and everyone seems to be making new groups and I feel like I have friends and stuff just not reallyy close ones like it used to be

    hey, i know how you feel :/ i moved schools/towns a couple of years ago n felt sooo lonely!! but i didnt tell anyone about it n it eventually got worse and worse so yeah you definitely need to tell someone. Or you could just try n involve yourself more, like call/text people more or organise something a night out or something!
    I'm sure it will get better though
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