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Msc Economics/Finance???

Hi everyone! I am planning to study economics masters in the forthcoming intake of 2022. I have applied to a number of unis, both in and outside the UK. I have received offers from Bristol for Msc Economics, Nottingham for Msc economics, Edinburgh for economics(finance) and Kings for Economics and finance. Outside UK, I got in Sydney, UNSW and ANU. Trinity and UCD in both economics.
Awaiting to hear from Warwick for Economics and finance.
P.S I got rejected from imperial+LSE, and the deadline passed for UCL. Also, I am international student, but tuition fees and living expenses doesn't matter to me, as I consider it as an one time investment, but with recurring ROI throughout my life.
I am planning to pursue a finance PhD after working for 2-3 yrs in industry. so which one of these uni would be perfect for me, and align with my goals suitably?
Thank You !!

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