The Chronicles of University: The Social Life, The Food & The Adventures!

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I’m sure most of you have sat through many university presentations that emphasized on the importance of having a balanced university experience. I’m also sure maybe once or twice you were somewhat confused as to how is that even possible. Let me tell you, I’ve been surviving the university life for almost 6 years, and it is very possible to achieve high grades and live your best life! My 2:1 and distinction can attest to that (Can I get an amen? :laugh:).

Since moving to Leicester, I’m always reminded that it is not a fast-paced life like London or other big cities but when I tell you, I have been having the best social life in this beautiful city. Let me break it down for you on how I have been taking advantage of all the city has to offer.

I have deep pride in calling myself a foodie. Originating from the Caribbean if it’s one thing I can tell you, ‘I love me belly!’. There are so many food options available in the city and they are very affordable on a student budget. Narborough is one of the most diverse roads in Leicester and you can find foods from all around the world. Here are my top places for food & drinks:
1. Kai – Excellent pancakes, salmon & poached eggs.
2. Turtle Bay – Amazing cocktails
3. Café Two Ten – Probably the best English breakfast I’ve had.
4. Afrikana Leicester – Good vibes & good food.
5. Haute Dolci Leicester – A comfort to my sweet tooth!
6. Café’s – Check out this video I did on the top coffee shops in the city.

When I first visited Leicester, I was in awe with the beautiful street art. I am very fond of murals. The colours! The beauty! The talent! Leicester is home to some of the most beautiful art. From street art to independent art stores. ‘Bring the Paint’ is one of the largest art festivals in the city that will leave you craving for more. Visiting all the paintings should be on your bucket list as it features artists from all over the world.

Whilst walking through the City Centre I’m always reminded about how diverse Leicester is. There are persons from all walks of life living in the city that are open to sharing their culture with you. Leicester is home to the biggest Diwali Festival outside of London and trust me, it’s a festival you don’t want to miss. There is also a Caribbean Carnival that showcases the melting pot of the Caribbean culture. Moreover, around the city you will also find different cultural centres.

Leicester being in the middle of the UK is honestly heaven sent. There are links to every major city and with your student railcard and bus pass the cost is affordable. Leicester is also a 20-minute train ride to East Midlands Airport. Just imagine being able to hop on a quick 20-minute train at the end of your lecture on a Friday afternoon, jump on an EasyJet flight to Spain for the weekend and be back in time for lectures on Monday morning.

There are several fun and exciting activities you can do with your friends. Here are my top 5 must do activities in Leicestershire:
1. Lane 7 (bowling, mini golf, arcade)
2. Treetop Adventure Golf (mini golf)
3. East Street Lanes (bowling)
4. Ninja Warrior UK
5. UK Paintball Leicester

There are not enough words to encapsulate how you can really maximize your social life in Leicester. The university experience is what you make it to be. With proper time management, you can ace your assignments and exams whilst having a vibrant social life. :yeah:

Dennis (PhD Air Transport Management student)
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Cool thread - thanks Dennis :yy:

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