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History A Level Cold War (2R) help - Soviet policies post 1962

hi! I was doing an essay plan for the question 'to what extent did soviet policies towards other members of the communist eastern bloc change after 1962' and I struggled with it as I thought there wasn't a lot that could be mentioned (ie. mainly the Prague Spring of 1968). Is it valid to compare the policies of Khrushchev in comparison to Brezhnev's or is that not valid as it is outside of the given time period? Is it also worth mentioning the Sino-Soviet split somehow?
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So firstly "to what extent", "change" are the key words in the question. Therefore I would suggest discussing the policies prior to 1962 and then after to assess to what extent they changed, if so how and why. So in regards to a comparison of Khrushchev and Brezhnev's policies I would deem this to be a good way to tackle this question. Don't forget to fit it into the wider historical context of the period which will also aid you in describing to what extent they changed. Hope this helps :smile:

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