CPR apllication process and

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HI @sfe Jen, thank you (i think the original thread got deleted.)

If i got my course leader to right a letter about the circumstances and asked him to put it on headed paper, would that count as evidence? I'm unsure if how I would go about getting a headed letter from my GP about my medication (I've changed GP since) Also may i still include the abulance report? it may add some validity even if it cant count as official evidence.

Ive just submited the aplication and it says it may take up to 6 hour to appear on my sfe dashboard, so I cant access the manage/upload evidence yet i dont think.

Also do i need to post a version of this in the mail? ive seen some threads say they posted their CPR's. Finally, how likely are CPR's accepted?

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(Original post by Haku98)
hi SFE SfeI'm going through similar things and also need to claim CPR for an extra year for my final year. I'm unsure what evidence I have that you would accept. I have:
-photos of perscription for SSRI's (antidepressants) that include date and name
-death certificate
-ambulance report on medical report paper
-Validated Extenuating Circumstances claims from my University.

Im also unsure where to send this evidence. I recently put a finance application in through the online sfe portal but couldnt see a section to add evidence/files. Thanks
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Hi there,

We would be able to accept a clear photograph or copy of the death certificate you mentioned, alongside a cover letter from yourself confirming why this was relevant to you having to repeat a year/suspend/withdraw. You can upload evidence and forms by going to the 'Manage your student finance' section in the sidebar on the right of your screen. You will then see a link to 'Upload supporting evidence' and can use this to send us your evidence/form.

Thanks, Jen]
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