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what is a-level geology like?

after going back and forth on what i should take at a-level, i finally decided on biology, french and geology. however, geology isn't as well known as the other 2, and i highkey chose it on a whim. i literally know nothing abt geology tho and i'm already gna do 2 already very memorisation heavy subjects so i might struggle. stupid ik, but i wanted to do something new and i love learning new things so i'm hoping it won't be too awful

what's the workload and content like?
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Geology is a cool alevel but as someone who has fallen behind it can be quite a lot of work. But I've procrastinated and i have 4 days till my exam so oops. But honestly its very enjoyable a bit more sciency than expected but you're doing biology so you'll be okay. Both bio and Geo want very specific answers for exams so theres that.

Its a little difficult as there not much help online but i suggest the new and old textbook, the 'teach yourself geology' and 'volcanism, tsunami' etc from open learn. You can find videos on youtube but on specific topics and nothing focused towards Alevel

100% something to do if u love learning, theres so many cool and interesting things! Just make sure you understand the content while your learning it as it can get quite hard to teach yourself or relearn so make sure to recall every so often especially the mineral and rock types you learn at the start!

You can ask me more specific questions if you'd like!
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